I heart Overstock.com

Remember the other day when i was saying that I got my niece a play tent from them and it was such a sweet deal well today the deal got even sweeter, I ordered the 3 piece set, and when it arrived it was only 2 pieces, so I called them up and apparently they were contacting everyone that ordered to let them know that they were supposed to put up the 2 piece not the 3 (which I already knew thanks to PYP) so they could either send me another tent and dome that could connect to the first one or, refund me my money. Of course I was going to take the second tent until I heard the lady say these magic words "and then you of course you can just keep the item since it was our fault..." so you heard correctly not only do I get my 21.04 back but I also get to keep the tent! WOO HOO! I will definitely shop overstock.com more often, because they have great customer service, and if they mess up I might get some more free stuff!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good deal! My stepson bought a headboard from them and when it came it was scratched so he called to get another one. They not only sent him another one, but told him to keep the first one since it was not his fault it was scratched.

October 14, 2009 at 7:53 PM


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