Because I am sick thats why!!

Yeah I am sick, I dont know if it "the flu" (you know the one...) or just a virus that i picked up from babysitting. Either way I feel blah! My throat hurts, my head hurts, my right ear is starting to hurt and I just want to hibernate in bed. So I am sick and thats why;

*I am not going to the gym tonight

*I am not really caring that I eat all my points. I dont want to get out of bed and make food if Im not really hungry.

*I have a load of laundry in the washer, one in the dryer and 2 loads on the floor (oops)

*I ate 13 itty bitty tootsie rolls after my lunch (pita with 2oz chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper and onion with melted cheese... I am sure that it was really good, but I couldn't really taste it) it was still only 3 points and I added them into my tracker.

*I will be going to bed at 430 pm and try not to get up unless necessary. (you know a sighting of a Zhu Zhu hamster!)

so with that said... goodnight!

(2 new WW soup recipes coming sometime this week)


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