Menu 10/26-10/30

we made out a full week full of meals, that included breakfast, lunch and dinner, however since our breakfast is different I wont post that, but our lunch and dinner is pretty much the same do here it is;

L- Progresso soup, 2 fruits, carrots, and a diet coke
D- Dori's Chicken Lo Mein

L-Roast beef pita, 2 fruits, carrots
D- still looking for a meat loaf recipe

L Egg rolls, 2 fruits, carrots, diet pepsi
D- Spanish chicken and rice

L- Tuna pitas, 2 fruits, carrots, diet pepsi
D- Two bean Burritos

L- Mini Pizzas, 2 fruits carrots and diet pepsi
D- Easy Chicken Caccitore and rice

I think on Saturday we are going to have some sort of a soup, its going to be a cold trick or treat night. And for Sunday I am thinking of roasting a chicken, but Im not too sure.


Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

The link to the Chicken Lo Mein recipe is dead :( Any chance you could post it? I would love to make it (and I figure it is relatively healthy since you're doing WW).

My husband and I are working on losing some weight. I found an AWESOME recipe on Hungry-girl.com for Wendy's Asian Chicken - SO delicious. I'll find a link for you if you're interested!

October 31, 2009 at 11:14 AM


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