turkeys and grades

Last night we went to Walmart to return some things and pick up some things so I thought I would check out the turkey deals that they had.
I ended up getting my 2 turkeys, one for Thanksgiving (10.21) and the one for later (5.22) and an 8 pack of mini 100 grand for Snow White since she got all A's and 1 B+ and all 5's for behavior on her report card. S the new budget is below, after thanksgiving I may pick up one more turkey, just to have in the freezer.

*22-29 93.78
*Thanksgiving 57.79 I think this is WAY over budget but since we are cooking for 10 I thought I would rather be safe then sorry
*29-dec 6 100.00 (probably over budget here too since we are going to be eating alot of leftover turkey)
*7-15 100.00


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