Meal plan

Ahh, the meal plan on the blog, heres what we are eating for dinner this week, of course they are all WW friendly recipes;

M Turkey Cheddar Tacos, with fat free refried beans (leftover turkey from Saturday it needed to get cooked)
T Smokey beef and bean tacos (from teh now and later cook book)
W BBQ Turkey, corn and mango quesadillas
TH Beef and Bean sloppy joes (using the beef and bean from Tusday)
F Chinese Chicken salad
S We are going fishing and I dont know when we will be home so we are just going to have random leftovers, and fruit
S mexican style stuffed potato

So it looks like we are having a TON of mexican food this week, I didnt really plan it that way it just happened, oh well!

As for the budget we are at about 92.00 a week until June 15, when I get paid again. So we should be just fine. I meant to save my reciepts from our trip on Sunday, but I forgot!


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