hello again!

I am still here! Do not worry! I am not sure why I haven't been blogging, but I just haven't. But do not worry I am back! I have been reading up on craft, saving, and shopping blogs and I am ready to re commit... for the thousandth time. Whats been going on around here, we are within reach of paying down our credit cards, literally we can see the end of this dark ugly tunnel! we have about 2 more weeks then we will be down to only 2 cards! Finally. I am going to start posting meal plans again, cause, well that was fun. Also I am probably going to start posting the shopping lists, because of a conversation that I have been hearing alot lately about how expensive it is to eat healthy... which its not at all, so I will prove it!

Be back later to post the budget, and menu, and list... well maybe tomorrow!


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