No spend challenge day 4

Hello we have made it to day four! I know it is still early but unless PYP or Tanga post some AMAZING deal we are done for the day with 0.16 spent! And that's because we bought dog food.

Petsmart we had 40.00 budgeted, and of course they were having a sale so we bought some wet food too;
dry food 27.99
12 cans of wet food, (this is a once a week treat, and will last 12 weeks) 9.60
total with tax 40.16

So in the last 4 days we have actually spent 0.16 from our checking that was not planned for that's pretty good, we will see how days 5-7 go!

I would now like to add, that it is now 9:10pm, I just got my Tanga email and there is nothing we need, and pyp had been prtty good about posting deals for things I am not looking for, I am now turning the computer off, and going to watch Jersey Shore with my wife! (no need to re-read that, that's what I said!)


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