New windows!!

Part of our 2010 debt comes from our new windows that we got installed on 12/3 here's a picture of the old vintage ones; Don't mind the wall paper that will hopefully be gone this year, but that is our dinning room window, notice how there are 2 windows! That is vintage double pained!

And here is the new one; so shiny!!

No this is not a TV! It is the front living room window, before it was just 2 pieces of glass that you could not open and yet there was still a breeze, go figure!
And here is the new one from the outside;

I love them, now we can open the windows in the spring! And we are already noticing a difference in temperature around here. we can actually turn the heat off at night and not freeze in our sleep! And the graph that is on the utility bills are about half the size as they were last year! AMAZING. Now if the little lady would shorten her showers!!


Blogger Trish said...

Aaaargghh!!! The showers at your house too, huh? Emily runs us out of hot water every time. Roger is threatening a timer.

Awesome windows! I'll bet they pay for themselves quickly with the energy savings in winter and summer.

January 11, 2011 at 5:58 PM


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