The Fitness Bug

Has once again planted itself on our house, we own a treadmill and elliptical and a really fancy weight bench... Last week I signed Grumpy up for pure workout's 6 week transformation program it was a groupon sale. She has been running in the morning and one day last week while life was happening, and I was fed up with it, I went in and ran, and ran and ran..... and then when I was all done I felt so much better the things that bothered me before were not such a big deal. I have since decided to follow in her foot steps and take up running, we are starting to train for a 5K tomorrow morning using the couch 2 5k program. Between that, walking coal every morning and evening , Grumpy going to her 1 hour work out classes (which is pretty much, biggest loser last chance work out 5 days a week) we are really being taken over by fitness over here.


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