Really are you kidding me this summer is already almost over? Where did it go? the last time I sat down and blogged was July 19 since then lots has happened, we made it back to the Tea Rose Diner on the 21st on the way to the days of '47 Rodeowe had awesome seat that we bought off of Groupon for 4.00 each! It was a fun Thursday night date.

Saturday the 23 Liz took the day to head out to a Beast Seminar at Pure Workout she was out all day learning new moves, she now can flip a 350# tractor tire! The 23 was also our 7 year anniversary Liz got me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and I totally forgot to take a picture, The weather has been so hot here that they are already hanging to dry, I got her a 5 year line a day Q&A book I got one for myself too, we have been filling it out in the evenings, I think it will be something nice too look back on in 5, 10, 15 years from now. We went out for sushi which was delicious! Then took a walk at a local park, we ended the night watching movies at home, it was a really nice night! (we are headed to San Fransisco for our BIG anniversary get away, more on that later)
The 29th was my 30th birthday! I have been ChaCha'ing since March trying to save up to take a trip to the Zermett Resort in Midway, then the week before we were set to go I found out that they had changed there chef and no longer did the all you can eat seafood buffet, so the trip that I had been planning for 4 months now was cancelled. We decided to check out the Melting pot and I am so glad that we did we had such a good time the whole experience of fondue is just FUN! If you have never been, save your pennies and on the next big day go there! After that we headed to the Gateway to watch Crazy.Stupid.Love which was really funny! We are meeting up with the family this weekend to go bowling in crazy socks!

Saturday we headed out to Park City to hang out at the outlets, we did some shopping not anything crazy, we went to Fossil and got new watches!

Sunday the 31st Liz had to bid for new work, her new shift is going to bring alot of new scheduling, starting with getting up at 430am instead of 520! But she is now on a 4 day work week and has Wednesday off! Now one would think "oh day off mid week" no not here, here we think, "ohhh day off you can work and get OT" so we will see what happens with that, if all goes has planned (does it ever) we could possibly be debt free by December, if not completely, we will be really really close.

So thats where we have been!


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