Take a Hike

Yesterday Liz and I decided that we wanted to take a hike up to donut falls which is 3/4 (1.2 total) mile up big cottonwood canyon, however in true Liz and Catrina fashion, we got lost and ended up taking the Lake Blanche trail which is 2.8 miles (5.6 total) it ended up being alot of fun! It was beautiful up there, there was so much water coming down of the mountains and still alot of snow up at the top.

Next weekend we will look for donut falls and see what other trails we come across!

We are also starting a new vegan lifestyle, so be sure to follow along on that adventure over at: http://twoveganmamas.blogspot.com/


Blogger Trish said...

LOL Funny! Donut falls is fun but I'm sure you got a lot more exercise that way.

July 11, 2011 at 10:27 AM


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