This past 4 days I have been working very hard to get rid of these 7# and I have to say I was fairly successfull... I drank all my water, I walked coal for 20 minutes everyday, then came home ate a banana and went to the treadmill for 30 minutes, and I even I wrote down all my food; here are this weeks numbers...

Tuesday 123.8
Wednesday 123.0
Thursday 121.8
Friday 123.0

The way I see it, as long as the number is not going up then I am ok. minus 8oz is still a minus! Do I understand it? Nope not at all. It could have to do with all the carrots and hummus I ate yesterday but at least it was a healthy snack! I think Friday will be my official weigh in day, that will give me a few days to mess up and then a few more days to put my self back in check! I weigh myself everyday mainly just because I want to! but Friday will be the one that counts.

so it looks like I am at -.08 for the week!


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