24 Hours without the internet!!

So in this day and age the Internet is a Huge part of our every day life, being so far away from friends and family we often instant message, email or message on myspace daily along with search for recipes, play on pogo and of course blog and read other blogs so yesterday at 2pm when our Internet went out we got a little frustrated! I called comcast right away, they scheduled an appointment the tech came out this afternoon and within minutes had the problem solved. So what did we do with our 24 hours you ask? Well we started with a BBQ just the 3 of us L grilled and I made the pasta salad, it came out really good. While dinner was cooking H and I planted a cabbage that she has to grow for school, so after dinner while we were at Walmart, L and I got to talking about planting our own stuff, so we walked back to the garden and there was no one to help (surprise surprise) so we headed to Home Depot, and we talked with a woman named Cindy, and this is what we ended up with;
From left to right that is, Roma tomato, bell pepper, Roma tomato, H's cabbage, strawberry, Roma tomato and strawberry. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for our cool neighbors in 37c! you see we don't get any sun in front of our apartment but he gets sun all day long, so we asked if we could leave our garden in front of his house, he said it was fine cause it would make his front look pretty! No worries, by August we will be swimming in tomatoes and strawberries (that's the plan anyways!) I will keep you all up to date on our new hobby.
So what would you do with 24 hours with out the Internet?


Anonymous Jenn(mickee311) said...

I'd clean my house, weed my garden and watch DVDs...More watching tv than anything, with the baby around now lol

May 10, 2008 at 4:34 PM


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