Random Disney Facts

So we are in countdown mode! 10 days left till California, we are so excited! I thought it would be cool to add some Random Disney Facts in honor of the trip.
Heres what I came across.
~515 million: Number of guests the park has welcomed since it opened.
~26 million: Hand towels used in Disneyland's restrooms during the year.
~13.3 million: Guests welcomed last year, making it the second-most-visited theme park in the country. Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fla., was No. 1, with 15.1 million.
~4 million: Hamburgers sold at the park each year.
~3.2 million: Servings of ice cream sold at the park each year.
~3.1 million: Amount of cardboard — in pounds — that the park recycles during a year.
~2 million: Phone calls the park receives during a typical year. The most frequently called individual is Mickey Mouse. The most frequently asked questions — other than the ones answered by the recorded information line — relate to merchandise and collectibles.
~1.6 million: Hot dogs sold at the park each year.
~1 million: Annuals planted each year throughout the park.
~500,000: Pieces in the Disneyland costume inventory. A new costume takes from eight months to a year to produce.
~100,000: Light bulbs used throughout the park, including 11,000 "rim lights" that outline the buildings on Main Street, U.S.A.
~75,000: Performances by the Disneyland Marching Band during the last 50 years.
~21,000-plus: Cast members (employees) at Disneyland Resort.
~10,250: Guest parking spots.
~5,000: The minimum number of gallons of paint used each year to keep the attractions and buildings looking fresh.
~5,000: Trees throughout the park. They range in size from the 1-foot dwarf spruce in Storybook Land to the 75-foot-tall eucalyptus trees along the park's perimeter.
~1,000: Brooms used by park employees each year. They also go through 3,000 mops and 500 dust pans.
~800: Species of plants at the park, which come from more than 40 nations.
~87: Hotel and motel rooms in Anaheim in 1955. Today, there are more than 18,000 rooms at
150 hotels and motels.
~85: The size of the theme park, in acres.
~60-plus: Attractions and adventures at the theme park today.
~$53: Price of a single-day theme park ticket. The price is $43 for ages 3-9.
~34: Restaurants in Anaheim in 1955. There are more than 450 today.
~30: The amount — in tons — of trash collected in the park during a busy day.
~18: Attractions available on opening day.
~9: The number of times the Mickey Mouse flower "portrait," located at the main entrance, is replanted each year.
~8: The number of themed lands. They are: Adventureland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Main Street, Mickey's Toontown, Tomorrowland and New Orleans Square.
~$2.37: Average per-guest spending during the first year for parking, admission, rides and souvenirs.


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