A review of the week!

Well it is Friday, I thought I would start of with a review of the week, It was the first week of school and it was great for H, L not so much, Monday she had a Dr appointment, blood work, and all that fun stuff, also Monday she got pulled over, no ticket however she was sited for not changing her address on her CDL, then yesterday DMV (not so bad if you find the one that no one really knows about) and another Dr's appointment, My week, well I didn't get all of my flying done, but since we have such a small living room, after working my butt off on Tuesday, and doing all the challenges, I think it looks pretty good in here!

Now for the weekend, we are going camping, its the first time we have gone as a family L went when she was younger, and I wen with my grandparents alot when I was younger, but I keep getting told that it wasn't really camping, since we were in a massive RV, I still say it was camping, I know alot about camping, like keep your food in the car or else the bears will get you! We are hoping that all goes well this trip. Its going to be the three of us, L's mom, L's little sister, and L's little sisters dad (not L's moms husband or L's dad) hopefully between the 6 of us, we wont forget anything. There is a chance of rain and even some snow at about 8500 feet, we are going to be at about 7500 so if it gets too wet, cold, windy, snowy we will just pack up and come home., or maybe we will rough it, who knows!

Well there is alot of things that I have to get done today, to make it easier when we get home, and to get ready for camping here is a list of things that I can remember!

1. iron
2. 1 load of laundry, a little bit about this, since I have been doing one load almost everyday this month, I have to tell you, right now there is a half load in the hall waiting for H to add her clothes to, there is 2 pairs of white socks in our hamper and after H adds her clothes there will be 1 pair of socks in hers, that's it! there isn't pile of laundry sitting around waiting to be washed, folded or put away, I love it, when we get back from camping, we are going to take all of our "gear" to the laundry mat and get it all done that way on Tuesday, when life goes back to normal, I will still only have to do one load a day! okay back to the list....
3. Grocery store, for ice burg lettuce, and a few groceries for next week, the list is really short!
4. empty the dishwasher
5 clean out the fridge (menu for next week is already planned, I even did the weekends, you will see that on Monday)
6. make corn bread

that's all I can think of right now I have about 45 minutes before I have to wake up H I guess, I will go do the ironing....


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