Works for me Wednesday- back to school

This is my very first time participating in this blog carnival over at rocks in my dryer , I am beginning to like these things! here's how it goes every Wednesday a bunch of bloggers get together and post there tips on what makes their life's run a little smoother, I love this idea! so here is what works for me (well really L and H, but whatever it was my idea)

Every day H comes home from school, hands me a stack of papers, some notes from the teacher, some little reminders about whatever is going on , some old graded papers. Last year, H would hand them to me I would look at them, and throw them out, or keep them depending what it was, and L would come home I would tell her about it but she would never see them. So yesterday while I was sitting at the table with H a light went off in my head! I took a folder, free at staples this week, wrote on it, "papers for L, from H" it is now sitting on the corner of the kitchen table, where L puts all her stuff (keys wallet whatever) when she gets home from work. Genius! Now not only does L get to see all that's going on with H's school H and I don't have to worry about what we did with the papers after I look at them, they just go straight into the folder!


Blogger Kara said...

Good idea, it's hard to keep up with everything they bring home!

August 27, 2008 at 10:57 AM

Blogger Mrs_X said...

That is a great way to keep those school papers under control. (Very cost effective too!)

August 27, 2008 at 6:21 PM


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