Game 2

Well the Killer Bees didn't do so well last night, they lost 7-3 no worries, we played a really good game!
Like I said before H got all her homework done, 3 of the 4 pages in class! so when she came home she only had to do 1 math page and then write a letter to her teacher about herself, I had a talk with her about her recent behavior and we are hoping that things start to look up for her! When I asked her what my reward was for doing the laundry she said "we all get to have clean clothes" Ok great! when I told her that her reward for doing her homework is that she gets to go to 5Th grade next year! I think she understood, she did say that she was going to work on it. she has a 3 day weekend so we are going to try to knock out her book report that is due in mid October, she already finished the book, so we just have to do the report part, I mean even if we only get a few pages of it done, that's less that we are going to have to worry about later.


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