me and my big mouth!

Of course just yesterday I blogged about H and her cell phone, so of course yesterday she lost it!
That's right, her brand new phone that she just got on Friday (well brand new to her anyway), she dropped it after school in the grass "somewhere" good thing we have extra Sim cards, and extra phones so it didnt cost us anything to switch it over (lucky for her).
So she is back to her ugly pink one that she didn't really like in the first place, until next November when L and I get upgrades, even then she is just going to get one of our older phones, (which are still nice, just not as cool as the ones we have now)
We aren't too upset that she lost it, because it was bound to happen but the thing that makes us mad about it is the way she lost it!
We told her that whenever the phone wasn't being used she had to put it in the case, it wasn't a flip phone, so it needed to be protected, but did she do that, nope! How do we know because we are the parents!
No really, because her case was nestled all snug in her back pack with no phone!
Ugh kids why don't they listen to their parents like we did when we were kids!
(just a joke! LOL!)


Blogger Michelle said...

I like your phones. We are looking at getting a new one for my sister! Very cute.

December 10, 2008 at 9:35 AM


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