our new toys!

So L and I have done this every year since we have been together, we finish all of our Christmas shopping, and never buy each other gifts...
we go out together and buy stuff that we want
and tell each other "Merry Christmas" this year is no exception!
I got my Twilight books,
L got the guitar hero world tour for the wii,
and then as a last minute surprise to ourselves we got these...
L's phone:
C's phone:

If it is at all possible to be in love with a phone, we are!
they are so great!
And since we got new phones, that means that H got a new one too, yeah I know she is young, but we need her to have it just as much as she wants it! So she gets our hand me downs, she cant wait until our contract is up on these one's so she can have one of them! We are such cool parents!


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