Who would have thought...

It would take 4 years to finally get a "school" Christmas present we could actually keep?
I gave my mom a felt and cotton lamb that I made in 2nd grade,
and a wooden tree with my school picture on it in the 3rd grade
and I remember putting it up on her tree when I was 19.
But H always comes home with some sort of
sparkly pine cone,
or folded paper thing
that just gets smashed,
or ripped in the Christmas box,
well not this year.... Yesterday she brought home a felt Santa,
he looks like he is going to be around forever,
maybe he will lose an eye or his fuzzy little nose,
but other then that he is a pretty sturdy little guy!
It even came with a little tag that reads
"Handmade by H 4th grade" how cute is that!
(his body is made out of a bunch of felt circles, that you cant see in the picture, its almost like a slinky)


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