Our weekend in Review

We spent our Weekend pretty busy, but we did do alot of fun stuff lets start with Saturday shall we;
*L and her mom and her little sister went to go see Body World,
not something that H and I are into, so we stayed home, in bed..
*When L got home we, had breakfast,
apple french toast it was really good.
(we are going to try to get in the habit of cooking a
"big" breakfast on Saturday mornings since L is off now)
*Then we went and ran some errands
*paid some bills
*bought new shoes for me and H
*took H to her soccer game
*had some tacos from Burger King for lunch
*went to the downtown library
*picked up L's coat from the dry cleaner
*Went to Toys R Us, H had a gift card that she wanted to use to buy a new game
*then we came home and just hung out for the rest of the night NOT really
*L and I sat down and worked on our budget for the next few months
and then we just hung out for the rest of the night.

On Sunday we were determined to just "hang out" and not go by a schedule... and that's pretty much what happened, we planned on going to the movies at 140 missed that one, so we went and did our grocery shopping, planned again to go at 305 missed that one because we were shopping, so we went at 430.
We watched Marley and Me, it was really good, Sam and Gus were glad that we found a new appreciation for dogs because last night they got to sleep up on our bed...


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