I am not sure which ones did it, so I will just hate all of them!
I sell Avon, it will a year in May...
We have never had anything stolen from our porch,
(not that there is often stuff out there)
but last night at approximately 5:20 pm
(or somewhere in between then 10:30 pm when we got home)
someone stole my package!!
I cant believe it I had to come and blog about it because I am pretty sure that
my family is tired of hearing about it!
I called Avon and they are going to replace it
but I still feel MAD,
Someone came to MY porch
took something that had MY name on it
took it in to their home
and is looking at MY things!
I could just scream...
but I think I will just go have a beer...
Now I don't mean to point finger but we do have new neighbors....
I am going to go over there in the morning
(with my mother in law because she speaks Spanish and she can pull off the "kill them with kindness routine")
to ask them
"Excuse me I had a package delivered, maybe did you pick it up and put it in so that it didn't get snowed on...?"
just to see what they say.
Too bad for them, I am going to change my mailing address and they wont be able get free products anymore!!


Blogger Trish said...

ugh! That bites! Sorry that happened to you. I'm always worried about packages disappearing. Not that we get many. But still. Grrr!

January 4, 2009 at 10:01 AM

Blogger JANE4girls said...

that stinks! I had my portable dvd player I bought online stolen off our porch twice before Christmas!

what gives people the right to think they can take stuff?

January 8, 2009 at 6:12 PM


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