Another giveaway

My friend Erin is having another giveaway at her blog and I went and entered, I also went and checked out the product and have decided that even if I don't win I think I am going to get myself some of these. I really like the snack bags and the set is only 25.00 so that's pretty good. I think that they would be pretty easy to make but I am not a sew-er but maybe I could get my "friend" Trish to make me some...


Blogger Trish said...

Your "friend" Trish could totally make those snack bags! And for WAY cheaper I'm sure. LOL
I have a short list of projects to do first and then I might just try my hand at it.
I'd love to have a bunch for my produce. I'm buying a LOT of produce lately and I feel pretty guilty about the 20 plastic bags I bring home every week.

February 12, 2009 at 8:44 AM


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