My "friend" Erin over at Jane4girl $800 Annual budget (who I would like to add, I knew WAY before the whole 800.00 budget explosion, I am trying to get some bonus points here) is having a giveaway on her blog for a really cool product "QuickSeals" in order to get extra entries I am here blogging about her and her site!
Which I just figured out will just reduce my chances of winning because all of my readers, yes all 3 of you, are now going to click on the link and go and enter too, that sucks.
Oh well if you won and it is because I sent you over there you must share... or at least tell me how great the bags are so I can go and buy them myself.... I think they would be really great to seal crackers or how about when you cant eat a whole bag of popcorn? not that we would ever have that problem here!
No really if you go over there and enter, good luck, and may the best blogger win! (Or the one that's known Erin longer, has her personal email address, and has her on 2 instant messengers.... I should totally win)
(Erin's pick will not be based on who has known her longer its totally random so if I do win its just because I was lucky and you weren't.
please don't be a sore loser!
Even though I will totally throw it in your face, because I am a sore winner!
and just note that I signed up for about 30 bloggy giveaways
and lost them all
so you have a REALLY good chance,
because I have REALLY bad luck!)


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