Thomas English Muffins and a little shopping

I saw this really good deal on PYP this morning, I was going to the store anyway so I thought I would check it out here's the deal

Thomas English Muffins are on sale 3.59 Buy One Get One FREE with your fresh values card, they have coupons on the package for 3.00 off when you by 3 so here's the break down;

buy 6 = 21.54
-3 free = 10.77
- 2 3.00/3 coupons = 4.77 or .79 each!!

Its almost cheaper to buy 6 then it is to buy 1 so I have to take that off my budget.
also on my walk I bought-
1 head of cabbage 1.21
2 packs of shrimp 4.49
sugar 1.89
eggs 1.47

total for the day 13.83
total for the month 30.00- I don't think we can make it (keeping my fingers crossed)... we are shopping tonight or tomorrow, so I will post the trip later.

I also bought 3 yogurts (1.00) and 2 pies (2.00) earlier in the week


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