Shopping 2/9-2/16

Here is the rest of the shopping that we got done tonight started with 30.00;
2 # ground beef 4.86
corn tortillas 1.72
refried beans .63
chicken wings 8.38
total 15.59
balance 14.41
Smiths (again)
1.10# Roma tomato 1.10
1.67# grapes 1.65
total 2.75
balance 11.66
Rancho Market
2 heads lettuce .99
3.16# oranges 1.04
total 2.03
balance 9.63
We still need bread and hotdog buns and lunch meat with 9.63 I hope we can pull it off!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, you can pull it off with 9 bucks! Next time you need ground beef, go to Smith's at 6:30 pm... they mark their extra, extra lean ground beef from the meat case down to $1.50 per pound. They don't actually change the sign on it, they just sell it at that price, so sometimes if I go when it's pretty close to 6:30 I'll ask them if they've marked it down yet.

Sometimes I get those "$2.50 off any $10.00 meat case purchase" catalina coupons. I always use my catalina AND the marked down meat to make it an even better deal and then I'm stocked up for a little bit. :D

I made your chili verde recipe last night - LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing. I think next time I make it I might try sprinkling a little bit of Mozzerella cheese on top. My husband's grandparents are hispanic, so he grew up eating authentic Mexican food. I'm trying hard to make him some of the meals that he enjoyed growing up. I would LOVE to learn how to make homemade tortillas, but I'm a little nervous because I've heard that they're a tad tricky and take a while to master. Guess I better get started, right?

February 7, 2009 at 9:37 AM


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