Chicken Enchiladas

I just finished up dinner and I thought I would share the pretty picture!
(they still have to cook in the oven)

Usually I use four tortillas and they end up being just wet burritos but I had some corn tortillas in the pantry so I thought I would give it a shot! I used 3 chicken breast a can of sliced olives and a can of green sauce, I made this dish of 7 and then I have another with 6 in the fridge for this weekend or for lunch later on in the week. I only had one crack on me see it there third from the right? I'm not really use to corn tortillas for anything but chips! I will just give that one to H and all will be fine!

I am serving this with some fruit that we have in the fridge and chips and salsa, I am trying to change up our side dishes a little bit.


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