More shopping

We had to finish up our shopping for the week, here's what we bought;
balance 9.94
meat balance 57.00
Super Saver
Spaghetti sauce .98
olives .58
tater tots 4.58
2 packs noodles 1.96
enchilada sauce 2.08
11 # ground beef 19.21
1 pack sausage 1.18
total 30.57
balance .24
meat balance 36.61
chicken breast
(I dont know the exact weight, but we got about 16 peices)
total 20.26
meat balance 16.35
We still need a little meat for the month, nothing major, some Italian sausage, drumettes, pepperoni, but we are not going to be making any "meat trips" so I am going to add the 16.35 back into the regular budget and we are just going to shop weekly for the rest of the things that we need.
balance for the month 177.12 or 59.04 per week (2/22-3/15) oh we can so make that happen, even if there are some stock up sales!


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