Adventures at the Dollar Tree!

Yesterday after we went to Sunflower Market, and Walmart my mother in law wanted to go to the Dollar Tree, so we went along, well while we were there Snow White and her aunt (she is 13) thought it would be fun to play with the ball in the store...
as parents how many times have we said not to play in the store?
Well they got caught!
We watched as we saw the manager go up to the girls and we heard everything, we were only one aisle over,
he told the girls that it wasn't a playground,
and to go and put the ball away,
they said OK and walked away
and he just kept on,
"are you here alone" "no"
"where are your parents" "I dont know they are somewhere in here"
"don't get lippy with me" "ok"
and then "get out of here" "what?"
well Grumpy stepped in and said that she would take care of it from there,
and then the guy said "look don't you get lippy with me!"
pointing in her fave and puffing out his chest as if her were going to do something crazy and well that started it....
The Jerk called the police!!
yeah really he did!
Snow White was freaking out, she was so scared that we were all going to go to jail!
when the police came they talked to us and then the jerk,
after a few minutes the police came and talked to us and had the attitude like
"I cant believe I am here right now"
we got the general managers number because apparently the jerk was the manager!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gosh. What an a** of a manager. Gettin' lippy at the Dollar Tree is a pretty big offense to have on your record - you better watch it or before long you'll be serving time behind bars for that one! I wonder if your pictures are all posted at the registers now. Are you allowed back? Unbelievable!

March 9, 2009 at 1:02 PM


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