Meal Plan

Its a new week, therefore another meal plan....
Snow Whites Breakfast
Oatmeal (x2)
waffles and grapefruit
eggs and toast
Grumpy takes oatmeal to work
and I just snack, I have a bowl of grapefruits
that needs to get eaten sometime this week
Grumpy and I eat lunch at home and Snow White eats at school.
M- Drumsticks, rice and broccoli
T- Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots
(what else would we eat on St. Patricks Day?)
W- Texas Style Lasagna, jello, Texas Toast
Th- Pork Chop potato casserole, corn
F- Tuna Casserole and some sort of veggie
S- Breakfast- Sausage, eggs, waffles
Lunch- Leftovers or grilled cheese and soup
Dinner- baked whole chicken
S- Breakfast- fend for your self!!
Lunch- leftovers or grilled cheese and soup
Dinner- OUT!
I am trying 2 new recipes this week the Texas style lasagna and pork chop potato casserole so watch for those reviews later on in the week!


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