I babysit 3 days a week and am thinking of making it a little more preschool-y instead of just hauling out the bucket of toys we are going to try to start doing more crafty hands on things... key word TRY...

Heres what we did Monday and Tuesday;

Played with buttons in the bin (She played with them for over an hour, and really liked stringing them onto pipe cleaners);

Played with feathers that were in the bin (this was really messy but she had SO much fun)

froze buttons in muffin tins and then melted them in warm water (then played in the water for over an hour)

made a yellow collage (and a huge sticky mess SO fun)

I am going to try to switch out the items that I put in the bin twice a day, so there is always something different! If you are going to give little ones buttons please make sure that you monitor them at all times!


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