Silly Cat

We have a cat his name I Buster "Kingston" Brown, when we bought him (for 10.00 on craigslist) he was really little and his name was Kingston, well I didn't really like that name so I changed it, I think he likes Buster Brown better, he actually comes when you call him and meows a very load "hello" lately he has been a bit of a trouble maker, maybe because he knows it should be spring and he is waiting for all the ladies to start coming around I don't really know, last night after dinner he stole a roll, and then after we sent Snow White up to bed we heard some weird noises coming from upstairs, so I went up to see what it was and this is what I found...

I switched purses last week and I left the paper stuffing and the bag on the side of our closet, well Buster thought that it was there for him to play with... not the case, he got his head stuck in the handles! we let him "suffer" a little bit just to teach him a lesson, and then he freed himself, I will make sure that I don't leave things like that out, if we wouldn't have been home he might have really gotten hurt... but at the same time I think he might have learned his lesson, because I still forgot to put the bag away last night and he didn't mess with it!

**No cats were harmed in the making of this post**Just embarrassed**


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