A timeline

In case you care here is a rough estimate of our life for the next 4 days here we go...
10am Thursday Grumpy and I are off work
10am-2pm pack what we can
2pm pick up Snow White from school early
3pm Sign papers for the house
5pm Thursday-6am Friday Try not to think about the move, try to sleep
6am Friday- 10am pack more
10 am until Noon wait around patiently until we get the call to go get our keys
130 pm pick up Snow White from school
130-630pm sit in our new house staring at everything and thinking "this is all OURS!"
630 pm pick up the Uhaul
7pm Friday- 11am Saturday Move and unpack
11am Saturday COLE IS COMING!
12pm Saturday-7pm Sunday MOVE no stopping until its done!
I cant believe that its so close we cant practically touch it, the whole reason that we moved to UT was to be close to Grumpys family and buy a house, now we have both!
So exciting! I will probably come and post one more time before I take down my computer tonight!
I use to make schedules for everything, I am glad I dont do that anymore!


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