Grocery Sickness update

Grumpy is finally feeling better, today we (and by we I mean we she did all the work while me and lil' sil sat on the couch) went over and helped MIL fix her swamp cooler and get it ready for the hot summer months ahead, now we are relaxing. Yesterday we went to West Fest, the towns festival, we ate Navajo Tacos and watched the fireworks, it was pretty fun. But our shopping trip was the funnest! here is the list, and before I get yelled at or people freak out about shelf clearer's, we went to 3 different Albertsons, I am just putting them all together because its easier to see the totals that way... so calm down and take a deep breath!

2 cans mushrooms 1.78
2 loaves bread 3.98
5 12 packs Sunkist orange soda 13.00
28 boxes of Frosted flakes 55.72 (yes I said 28!)
2 boxes raisin bran 3.98
cashews 3.99
can chili 1.18
boneless skinless chicken 8.40
bananas 2.02
bell pepper 1.58
garlic 1.00
lettuce 2.58
yellow onions .94
cilantro .79
snow peas 2.99

total before coupons 103.93
after coupons and EPIC EVENT total; 49.93 woo hoo
balance for the month; 150.74

8 manwich 8.00
12 chef boyardee pastas 11.04
18 Kraft bbq sauces 17.82
green grapes 2.35
watermelon 3.09
2 breyers ice cream 4.58

total before coupons 46.88
total after coupons and DAYTONA 500 DEAL 20.88
balance for the month 129.86 or roughly 43.00 a week, well not really since this week (6/29-7/5) is already taken care of so technically it will be 64.50 a week which will be really good, especially if I can get in on some more good sales like we did this week!


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