I should be...

Cleaning up this messy room that I like to call an office, instead I thought I would come and post a bit about whats been going on. This past weekend was gay pride so of course we went! It was raining and really ugly so we didn't stay as long as we would have liked but we went and showed our support. We also took Grumpy's mom out to lunch to the Olive Garden for her birthday, we started painting Snow Whites room since she is still away and we are taking before and after pictures so when we reach the after I will post those we have set a date of July 7 to be totally done with her room, she is trading her bed for Jackie's (SIL) loft bed, so that should take some time to get it moved and I think that's about it.
I am still not working so I am spending my days with Jackie, shes 13. I am finding that we have alot in common which I assume is good, just means I am still a kid at heart, or that she is mature for her age, or maybe I am just immature, however you want to see it! We are having a good time we went to the library yesterday which she loves just as much as I do I think we are going to go to the dollar theaters this summer too which should be fun.


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