My "chore" list has been working out really well, the only problem is the mopping part I have decided that I hate mopping more then ironing! I think if I get a mop it wont be so bad since right now I am using a cloth and a bucket. Yesterday I even did the back lawn before Grumpy got home from work. And I also decided that I have earned my "real housewives" card by picking up dog poop, mowing, edging, and pulling weeds with full makeup and straight hair! I was doing it and thinking to myself, "holy crap, who does this.... oh yeah real housewives of Salt Lake of course!" well now that I think about it, "real Housewives" would have hired someone to do and then just watched from the lounger but whatever! I only missed one small section leading into the vegetable garden Grumpy said it looks like a carpet, I say its a Welcome mat leading into the garden (of dirt and no more weeds).
I only did the back for 2 reasons
1 it was alot of work and I got really tired
2 Grumpy is kinda shall we say.... anal, and I didnt want to mess up the front my first time out! sorry I outed you babe but you know its true! love you ;)
We are going to be kinda busy this weekend so I will post our adventures on Monday!
Have a good weekend!


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