This weeks menu

Since I haven't been posting meal plans, since Snow White isn't home and life isn't so hectic I thought that this week I would post pictures of our daily food like my blog/PYP "friend" Trish so here we go;

Sunday; Fruit salad after having a really big/late lunch
Monday; new recipe, Garlic Chicken Spaghetti and MIL made Greek Salad (which was SOO good, except for the fact that my kitchen still smells like feet!) This was so good I think it is going to stay in menu rotation! I just have to make a copy of the recipe. Here is a link to the recipe, also I didn't use sun dried tomato because Grumpy doesn't like them instead I chopped up a Roma tomato and threw it in at the very end.
And now for some animal photos, I am starting to feel like I only post photos of Coal which is true, but that's because he is a little more active and always doing something funny.
Here he is sleeping on the phone book after this mornings walk

Here he is enjoying a warm fire on a stormy Saturday afternoon

When we take him on walks he brings home water bottles that he finds on the street, he is trying to save the planet! (he even takes them from us here at home when we are finished)

And here is Gus getting ready to watch KungFu Panda at the park.


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