Back to normal

Well the house is slowly but surely getting back to normal, we have had a VERY busy month and I am sure we will continue to be busy but a different kind of busy with Snow White starting soccer in a few weeks and playing the Viola (its a little bigger then a violin) so I am getting back on the menu planning wagon, heres whats on the menu for this week;
Monday Drumsticks, squash and rice
Tuesday Steak Fajitas, chips and refried beans
Wednesday Pork chops, baked potato ans green beans
Thursday baked chicken breast and....?
Friday spaghetti and salad
I am thinking that we wont need to go grocery shopping but I do want to get some of the sobe life waters that are a part of the Smiths mega deal so we might go tonight after dinner just to get a few little things, but the menu is just based off of stuff we already have here in the house, I love when that happens! next week our menu should be filled with lots of fresh veggies, since we are planning on going to the farmers market on saturday.


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