3 Months ago...

All the way back in May we bought our very first house... the other day I was looking for pictures of the "gate to nowhere" and I remembered why I fell in love with this house, and after that as I looked around to what I have done to it I got mad! the very first time that I set eyes on the living room I was in love (and i still am, its still great and not cluttered)! and then I saw the kitchen, and I lost me will to speak (ok so it wasn't that dramatic but you get the point) then yesterday I looked at my kitchen and needed to take some action... I took off all of the "things" that were make my beautiful soon to no longer be pink kitchen ugly and cleaned and scrubbed, today I did the laundry room and I am getting ready to start on the office, (hopefully) the room that when I loved it only had one guitar and now is filled with lots and lots of lovely things that I need!
Now I am in no way saying that I no longer love my house because I do, I am just saying that I cant believe that I didn't keep it looking the way it should I mean come on get it together...
I know if I noticed it, my OCD, ultra anal wife (and I say that with nothing but love) noticed it and I would like to take this moment to say "Wife I am so sorry that something weird happened when we moved our stuff in but no worries, its coming back"

I think I should have taken some before and afters, but I will do that with the office... I am off, I have about 20-25 minutes before we are going to get some more paint. Snow Whites bathroom is coming along beautifully, it should be done by the time she gets home.


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