Meals for the week

Well I know its Tuesday but Moday was still considered the weekend around here so here is the plan for this week.
Tuesday- spaghetti and fruit from the farmers market we got some really good peaches, blackberries and raspberries
Wednesday Chicken Breast (baked or with some sort of sauce I havent decided yet) biscuits and sweet corn from the farmers market
Thursday- Pork chops with ???
Friday- I am thinking about throwing a roast in the crockpot but I am not sure if I have one. If not then I have no idea what to do.

Snow White is eating lunches at school and breakfast for her is just whatever she feels like having, yogurt, fruit, cereal, eggs and an english muffin.... stuff like that

Grumpy is taking breakfast so thats either, egg scrambled with veggies, cereal, toasters struddles. And usually she has leftovers for lunch.

See things are coming together just fine now that we have some sort of order...


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