our weekend

Our weekend went by too fast we were so busy... I almost feel like we were moving the whole time, which makes Mondays really hard!
Friday-regular work and school day. Then at 7pm we went shopping for our niece Hailee's bday present, at 8pm we were at Chuck E Cheese's celebrating her 5th bday, we were there until 10pm by the time we got home it was pretty close to 11!
Saturday- We got up at 8 got ready Grumpy got a hair cut then we went to the Farmers market, until 1030 then we had to hurry up and get to Snow Whites first soccer game. Where we sat in the blazing sun for about an hour! I dont know why they dont put trees around that park! Then we went and did a little shopping, milk, eggs just the regular stuff. by the time we finally got home it was about 230, we had lunch and took a little time to relax had dinner at about 630, then took the dogs out to play ball at the school.
Sunday we got up about 8 were lazy until about 950 when we got a phone call from Grumpys mom reminding us that she would be over in 15 minutes to pick up Snow White and take her to church, she started her catechism and baptism classes. Snow White left by the time she came home at 1230 we were ready to go again! We hung out with MIL then went shopping for Snow Whites party stuff. Her birthday party is next weekend.
I think we are going to need a vacation!
Snow White is becoming SO busy-
Monday Free
Tuesday Music 8am-9am Church 630pm-730pm
Wednesday Free
Thursday- pm soccer games
Friday Music
Saturday-pm soccer games
Sunday Church
Soon enough one of those free days will turn into a soccer practice expect to see alot of crock pot meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I still have to make the menu for this week, so that should be up later on this afternoon or tonight, since I am going to have the regular baby that I watch, plus Natalie for a few hours this morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My gosh! You make me tired just reading about your weekend. You have been busy. Gotta love Chuck E Cheese, huh? We went there one time to take DD to a birthday party and swore we'd never go back - it was INSANE.

September 14, 2009 at 10:41 AM


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