budget and menu

We went and did our shopping this weekend,and we did pretty good we started out with 100.00 for the week and then 68.00 for Thanksgiving and we went over 21.60 which was all mostly chicken breast from sunflower market. So for the rest of the month the budget will look like;


If I can find some more itty bitty turkeys after Thanksgiving I will pick up another (or 2) but we'll see what there is.

Here's the menu
Monday- southwest surprise from Hungry Girl Cook book 1 cup is 3 pts
Tuesday- Chicken pot pie from Hungry Girl cook book 1/4 pie is 5 pts
Wednesday Sweet and Sour chicken stir fry from Biggest looser family cook book 5
Thursday- Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings
Friday- turkey green chile tacos from 20 minute ww cook book 2 tacos is 8 points
Saturday- turkey and corn quesadillas from 20 minute cook book
Sunday Hoisin glazed pork chops from biggest looser cook book 4 points

I love when I have all of our meals planned, it makes life a thousand times easier!


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