Our garden...

We are planning out a garden for this spring/summer/fall I am thinking about;
roma tomato
grape tomato
bell peppers
But I have no idea were to start. I think we willg o to the library and get a book or two about it, but in the mean time I am searching the net, where do I start? should we buy seeds, or plants that are already started... I have no idea. 2 years abo we did container gardening, but that didnt produce as much as I would have liked, this year I want to have ALOT! Heres the spaces that we have to work with;



Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

Wow, you have some great spaces to use for a garden (so jealous). Have you ever heard of "square foot gardening?" You might want to look into that, seems like an easy way to do it with good results. We had a garden for 3 years but it never really flourished. I don't think it was getting enough sun so I gave up. I'm thinking of doing some container gardening so we can have some fresh tomatoes (nothing better than fresh tomatoes and a little salt). Oh, one thing we did that made gardening a LOT easier was to lay down that landscaping tarp before you plant anything, then pierce the tarp where you want to plant (I always use plants that are already started). After you have all your plants in you cover the entire area with mulch. You NEVER have to weed the garden with this memo, pretty awesome (I hate hate hate weeding)!

March 13, 2010 at 10:24 AM


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