meal plan/budget and weight loss

Hello there everyone! we did our shopping on Friday night we had a budget of 68.99 which I was a little worried about since we are eating super healthy but we came in about 8.00 under! So I will either go and get more fruits and veggies from Rancho Market tonight, or roll it over for the next 3 weeks which are also at 68.99 each week.

As for weight loss, grumpy and I both lost 2 lbs for a total of 27 lbs lost for me and 31 lbs lost for her! so 58 lbs total thats crazy!

As for our dinner menu;
Monday- black bean and sausage soup
Tuesday turkey taco meat loaf
Wednesday Ravioli bake (I think I left my raviolis at the store, so this may be something else)
Thursday Shepherds pie
Friday family style spaghetti
Saturday roasted corn chowder with a side salad
Sunday Chinese chicken salad


Blogger Mrs Marcos said...

I am really inspired by your weight loss and your debt progress! Maybe you should become a life coach or something? Seriously! I feel so overwhelmed that I can't even get started on either issue. Congrats! (sorry, didn't mean to rain on your parade there!)

January 31, 2010 at 2:47 PM


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