Saturday was Grumpy's first binge day and it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Today I am starting week 2 of the couch 2 5k program, I had to go to the dr and have an EKG done, apparently my body does not like to run, I have been having chest pains since I started and today I just couldnt take it anymore. Everything is fine I just have some inflamation on my chest wall. Grumpy knew this was the case but I still wanted to go see a dr. All is well and I am clear to continue to run! She is starting week 2 of her boot camp, I really should have taken before and after pictures because she has only gone 3 times so far and you can already see a difference in her shape, the scale is not moving but I think she is going down in inches! So that is GOOD! Her shift changed at work so now she will be home at 7pm instead of 830 some days and 10pm others it will be nice to have her here in the evenings to help with the dinner dishes!


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