Why do I even bother?

Me and this blog are enemies, I dont know why I really do enjoy writting here but for whatever reason I always take unexpected breaks and never this one was really long. Things are getting back on track around here post vacation. All the vacation laundry is done and the house is pretty much all cleaned up.

Hailey started school last week and in "worst mom of the year" fashion, I didnt take her picture. She is trying out for soccer tryouts started last week and the final decision was made last Friday, however there were 5 girls that the coach wanted and only 2 spots left and of coarse Hailey was on that list. So she has a few more days of tryouts and will hopefully get the final word soon. She also is now in the gifted and talented program for English and Social Studies along with honors pre-algebra. If she makes the soccer team it look like we are going to have a very busy school year.


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