A little shopping trip

So my smiths is having a sale until 7/22 the deal goes like this, "buy 3 PG products get 3.00 off" sounds OK right? well pair it up with coupons, and it is a really really good deal!
here is what I got,
-Wonder hot dog buns 2.69
-2 cans of chili 1.29 each
-4 herbal essences 3.00 each
-2 oral b advantage toothbrushes 2.00 each
-3 Gerber graduates .71 each
Coupons used-
2.00 off any wonder bread (made the buns .69)
(2) 3.00 off 2 herbal essences (made the shampoo 6.00)
(2) 1.00 off 1 oral b advantage (made toothbrushes 1.00 each)
1.00 off 3 Gerber graduates (made them .38 each)
- 3.00 PG Promo
-3.00 PG Promo
my total was 7.71! that's a savings of 76% or 21.22!
And on top of that the shampoos have a mail in rebate on them for a free Manicure or Pedicure, so I am going to get that too!!
*after the promo and coupons I paid .50 each for the herbal essences, and got the tooth brushes for free! since the sale is going on for another week I am going to try to get my hands on some more coupons*


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