Super Saving Saturday

Okay this is our first time participating in super saving Saturday over at Money Saving Mom, (check it out for some other good deals)
L and I have been considering getting a land line for our house, but couldn't justify the cost... welcome the new Tmobile @home! it is the greatest deal EVER! here is the break down... If you have a Tmobile contract you only pay 10.00 a month, unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling, call waiting, caller id, voicemail, call forwarding and 3 way conferencing. there is as set up fee 35.00 if you call Tmobile they might be able to waive that! and you have to buy the router, (oh yeah that's right the router is wireless, now we don't have to worry about our Belkin headache!) it cost 49.99 but you get a 30.00 mail in rebate so really only 19.99. The only requirements is you have to have an existing broadband connection, and the router, which you buy at set up.
It doesn't take away from your Tmobile minutes so its great for our family that has a different provider, they can just call the house and not take away from our 700 minutes. H is really excited about this too because now she gets to have a phone in her room!!
Our Saturday was full of good deals! Our friend Sandee told us that the Wilson's leather in the mall was going out of business, so their stock was 50-75% off! Since the Tmobile Kiosk was in the same mall (coincidence? I think not), we went to check it out....I got 3 purses and 1 wallet retail value $262.00 walked out only paying... $66.00! here is a picture of the purses, the wallet is already in the white one!


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