Grocery budget 9/1-9/7

So when I decided to go on a weekly budget 2 weeks ago I wasnt including weekend food, I dont know why I never planned the menu to include Saturday Sunday I just never thought of it, well this week I did! I planned the menu for next week and did all 7 days, Monday-Sunday! I am so cool I know, you dont have to tell me!
The menu will be posted on Monday but since we are going camping we wont be able to do are regular weekend shopping, so I did ti this afternoon, I took N with me on the walk, what an adventure, it made her tired though so thats good! Anyways back to the budget, here is what I bought

3 loaves of Sara lee bread regular price 3.09 got all 3 FREE
2 cans of chili beans 1.19 each
2 bags shredded chese 1.50 each
1 head of ice burg 1.29
hotdog buns 1.00
total 7.93
67% savings!

I put 2 loaves of bread in the freezer and as soon as I get the rest of them (I have 7 more coupons left) I am going to freeze them too!

I started with only 18.00 so that leaves me with 10.07 for the rest of the week, now I must tell you, there is a caselot sale comming on 9/3 if it doesnt go until 9/15 (usually they are 2 weeks) then i am going to have to dip inot our funds to get a few things i need to stock up on, thats just the way thats going to go! but I will stick with my 18.00 budget for meals! deal? deal!


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