Camping (part one)

Well I said that I would fill you in on our trip so here it goes hope you are ready it was a huge adventure!
Friday- we left home at 630 stopped and got gas A (L's mom) printed out directions so she gave us a copy we decided that we would just follow her once we got close enough, it was supposed to be about an hour and a half drive, but the directions that we had were only for about 45 minutes of driving time, we tried to call the office but of course they were closed so we decided to just go for it and see where we ended up.... Once we got to the last .07 of a mile of the trip and realized that we were in the middle of a town, no where near a camp ground we figured something was wrong, but still we continued to follow, straight up a mountain.... for 30-45 minutes just up surrounded by trees, and nothing else, well I am sure there were yucky critters in those trees but I wasn't going to get out just to see! At the end of the road we decided that we had gone the wrong way, and went back down the mountain 30-45 minutes later we were back in the middle of town at a circle K asking the kid if he knew where we were supposed to go, he didn't really just said that if we stay on the highway we should run right into it. (Side note I asked N's mom when she came if she knew how to get where we were going she said yeah sorta get on the 40 keep going past this lake and you will run right into it, so L and I knew already how to get there, sorta, but you cant argue with your mom, that's just a bad idea) So we drove some more... down highway 40 and wouldn't you know it we smacked right into it... now to find our site... we had to be at the site by 10 and quite time starts at 10 so once we finally got to the site we had about 15 minutes to set up our tents, it was a good thing we did a practice run the week before we left... we got the tents up in record time, started a fire and sat around for a little bit, then went to bed and FROZE! It was so cold! I don't think I have ever been so cold and I live in Utah. L and I were on a blow up mattress and H was on one of the egg carton things, she was all snug and warm and slept threw the night L and I on the other hand could not get warm... then the night was over and it was Saturday..... more to come in a bit


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